Jobs & Money – National Funders and Foundations

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Resource Generation 218 E. 18th St. New York, NY 10003  Phone: 646 723-2231

is a national organization that works with young people with financial wealth who are supporting and challenging each other to effect progressive social change through the creative, responsible and strategic use of financial and other resources

 Note from directory action: the following list was takin’ from the Resource Generation website so the blurbs listed maybe geared to people who have money that are looking for responsible ways of sharing it. that said – if you have bucks to share you may want to consider donating to the following foundations, if you are a progressive organization that needs bucks the following may be more inclined to fund you:


Changemakers 415-551-2363  (,  or National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy ( Changemakers supports community-based philanthropy, provides donor education programs and resources, and has a family foundation initiative to encourage family foundations to increase their giving to community-based social justice philanthropy.

The Funding Exchange 212-529-5356,

is a national network of social change funds. Member and affiliate funds provide donor programs and educational events about social justice issues.

Global Fund for Women415-202-7640,  is a grantmaking organization that supports women’s groups internationally.

Grantmakers Without Borders is 617-794-2253, http://www.internationaldonors.orga network of trustees and staff of public and private foundations as well as individual donors committed to expanding global social change philanthropy.  The organization hosts an annual conference and regional events. (John Harvey,)

National Black United Funds 973-643-5122, supports community-based organizations.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy 202-387-9177           is national watchdog, research and advocacy organization that promotes public accountability and accessibility among foundations, corporate grantmakers, individual donors and workplace giving programs.

National Network of Grantmakers 718-923-1400 x 242, is an organization of individuals involved in funding social and economic justice.  The organization sponsors a conference and regional convenings.

New World Foundation 212-249-1023

is a progressive foundation that supports donor collaborative  involving donor education. 

Neighborhood Funders Group 202-833-4690

is a network of funders that support community-based efforts that improve economic and social conditions in low-income communities.

RESIST, Inc. 617-623-5110,

 is a foundation that supports small budget groups who struggle towards a broad vision of social justice, while continuing to oppose political and institutional oppression

Responsible Wealth 617-423-2148,

is a national network of businesspeople, investors and affluent Americans who are concerned about deepening economic inequality and are working for widespread prosperity. The three primary areas of work are tax fairness, corporate responsibility and living wages.

Self Education Foundation 215-386-6081,

is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individual and community empowerment through self-education. It originally began as a philanthropic fund, giving small grants to self-education resources and communities involved in self-education, and has been involved in young donor organizing.

Third Wave Foundation 212-388-1898 —is the only national activist foundation for young women between 15 and 30.  Through grant making, public education campaigns and networking programs, Third Wave informs and empowers a generation of young, feminist activists. Third Wave co-sponsors the annual Making Money Make Change retreat for young people with wealth.

Tides Foundation 415-561-6400

partners with donors to increase and organize resources for positive social change.  Tides has a variety of donor services, provides donor education opportunities and cosponsors the annual Making Money Make Change young donor retreat for young people with wealth.

Twenty-First Century Foundation 617-662-3700,

is a national foundation that supports African American community revitalization, education, and leadership development.

Women’s Donor Network 650-328-2600,

 is a national organization of women who donate at least $25,000 per year to non-profit progressive causes. 

Women’s Funding Network  651-227-1911

is a membership organization of more than 90 public and private women’s foundations that empower women and girls




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