Welcome to Pittsburgh Directory Action

This resource guide originated as a tool for people involved in social justice organizing and has now expanded to hopefully serve as a more complete grass roots resource. Hopefully this guide will help bring together folks working for a more just and caring world and prove to be a handy resource so that we can better help each other. Let a hundred social workers bloom!
The Directory Action working team consisted of Marisa Manheim, Geoff Frost and Etta Cetera. Together, we solicited help from a small army of people around Pittsburgh who we knew that had more experience in certain areas.

This guide is by no means the end- all-be-all of resource guides. We can’t possibly have heard of everything that is going on and the maze that we travel is small, so sorry if we left you out. It was really hard to decide how to label and categorize everyone. Isn’t that one thing that we are fighting against? Please accept our apology if we have something wrong.

We decided that if we found the information in a public way – like the internet – to print it here. We have no desire to make any money from this project and this guide is free AND it does cost to print it, so if you would like to make a donation please do!

In Collaboration with Be Well! Pittsburgh the Directory Action is online!! Feel free to update your group, make suggestions etc. using the Comments links underneath sections.

To get copies and help distribute the guide please contact: etta cetera at 412 802 8575 or de_tritus@yahoo.com Downloadable versions are also available on the website.


The Directory Action Working Team would like to give an all encompassing super huge hug and love to the following people who submitted information, ideas, research, knowledge and art! If there is a topic after their name that signifies that they helped with that section.

Shaun Slifer (cover art), Adele and Mel(disabled, race, discrimination, glbtq, women), Johnny Mercury, Jessi Buckner (animals and school groups), Pat Clark(voting), Rachel Canning (union), Amanda Zeigler (transit) Erok (bikes), Deanna Hitchcock(shop local), Heather White + AIR(layout and letterpress and printing help), Adam Grossi (art). Carolyn Lambert (urban farms), Kathryn Robinson, Andrew Pearlman (animals) Nathaniel Doyno (alternative fuels), Jeremy Shenk (media, unions, general), Marie Skoczylas (media), Andalusia Knoll(Media and general support), Mary Mack(events), Morgan (media section), Carrie Plant (after School and general), Gina Favano, Andy Switzer, Bridget(general), Pam Wilson (birth, women) Jessica McPherson (Environment), Martha Mantilla (En Espanol), Diane Amdor (En Espanol), tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (tech support), Jude Vachon (websupport)

Thanks to everyone who helped with past issues of the guide.

Thanks to everyone that answered questions, phones and emails


One Response to “Welcome to Pittsburgh Directory Action”

  1. adp Says:

    this is fantastic. thanks to all!

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