Media – WRCT Awesome Public Affairs Programming!

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Democracy Now! War & Peace Report Weekdays 8-9AM
Democracy Now is an amazing daily news show hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez and features countless stories and interviews rarely heard in the corporate media.
Democracy Now! Always needs more volunteers to help put it on the air. Become a DJ and then you can be the person who presses the button for this amazing show to come on the air! More info at The Pittsburgh Campaign for Democracy Now! 412-422-5377

Free Speech Radio News Weekdays 5:30-6:00
A collectively produced daily show featuring grassroots reporters across the world. It features the actual voices of people involved in global resistance movements.
Locally Produced Public Affair Programming on WRCT 88.3 FM

The following shows generally appear at these times but it is possible that they will change over semesters/ summer schedules etc. Check for updated program information or call 412 621-WRCT

Rustbelt Radio Mondays 6-7PM
News overlooked by the corporate media. See indymedia section for more info.

Left Out Alternating Tuesdays 6PM
Left Out examines news and opinions from a perspective left out of the mainstream media. The show is hosted by CMU professors Bob Harper and Danny Sleator and features interesting guests.

Ebony Spectrum Wednesdays 6PM Ebony Spectrum provides African Americans, Africans in the Diaspora and other interested members of the non Black community the opportunity to hear and participate in thoughtful discussion of issues of concern to African people that rarely gets a sustained and in depth examination in the main stream media. Featuring in-studio and telephone guests, roundtable discussions involving civic, social, business, media, academic, arts and cultural trend setters.

Revista Radial Latinoamericana/Latin American Radio Hour
Thursdays 6PM
Our objective is: -To build bridges between the Hispanic Community and members of other ethnic, social, and cultural groups and organizations – Construir puentes de amistad entre la comunidad Hispana y los miembros de otros grupos y asociaciones étnicas, sociales, y culturales. -To strengthen the ties among members and friends of the Hispanic Community in Pennsylvania – Fortalecer las relaciones entre los miembros y amigos de la comunidad Hispana en Pensilvania -To inform the community about organizations, institutions and services available to the Latinos that deal with issues that affect our lives. These issues include: health, housing, immigration, insurance, education, and recreation – Mantener a la comunidad informada sobre organizaciones, instituciones y servicios disponibles relacionados con asuntos que afectan nuestras vidas. Estos asuntos incluyen salud, vivienda, inmigración, educación, y recreación. -To contribute to changing some of the stereotypes and misconceptions that about Hispanics – Contribuir a cambiar estereotipos e interpretaciones erróneas que otros grupos tienen de los Hispanos.

Saturday Morning Light Brigade – Saturday 6 am – noon. Great kid’s show that has been serving Pittsburgh for over 25 years! broadcast from children’s museum

One to One – Sunday 6am to noon – Long time radio dj Kevin Amos brings you hours of soul, r & b, reggae etc.


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