Shop Local – Music Stores

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Buy as little as possible Buy from locally manufactured or locally owned business Buy from people, business who are union friendly, fair trade and treat their employees well. Our world is still Capatilist. Buying is power.


Jerry’s Fine Used Records 412-421-4533 2136 Murray Avenue, Squirrel
Brave New World (punkish) 412-682-5007,  406 S. Craig Street,
Paul’s Records (indy, jazz, folk, experimental noise) 412-621-3256, 4526 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield
720 Records (hip hop)5943 Penn Avenue East Liberty  412-661-7330
Dr. Kwasi Percussion -412-241-2446 201 N. Braddock. drum repair (all types), custom built specialty hand drums
Upbeat Records in Wilkinsburg ( Rap, R & B, Gospel, Reggae, Jazz, and Oldies

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