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WRCT 88.1 (cmu¹s station) 412-621-WRCT (9728) email
(To list your event in the radio calendar call or email a week before you wish to have event advertised)

KDKA 1020 AM PHONE–575-2547/575-2200 FAX–575-2874

KQV1410 AMvPHONE–562-5900/562-5960(newsroom) FAX–562-5936

WDUQ 90.5 fm (NPR) PHONE–396-6030 FAX– 412.396.5061
WDUQ-FM Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA 15282 USA

WQED 89.3 fm PHONE–622-1436 FAX–622-7073

WORD FM 101.5/WPIT 730 AM PHONE–333-8255 FAX–937-1576

92.1 WPTS(pitt¹s radio) phone 412-648-7990 fax – 412-648-7988

106.7fm/WAMO 860am Telephone: (412) 456-4000 (412) 471-2181 Fax 412-456 4040



PACIFICA RADIO News Editor PH 800-735-0230 FAX 212-747-1698

PH-202-414-2000/202-414-2275 FAX -202-414-3029/202-414-3329

Blast Furnace. Web Radio

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