Other Resource Guides

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Welcome to HumanServices.net  http://humanservices.net/
is a gateway to an “Information Commons” — a distributed database that brings together a wide range of information and data types into a single, easily searchable repository. The site contains detailed profiles of services from daycare centers and drug and alcohol assistance to clinics and food banks, along with photographs, maps, directions, and even the nearest bus routes.

Pittsburgh Area Community Resource Guide – A resource guide with Anti-Violence resources, Youth groups, and Social Services. BPEP  onehood@gmail.com. B_PEP2005@yahoo.com or 412-758-7898. http://www.brothaashproductions.com/BPEP.htm

Women’s Yellow Pages www.womensindependentpress.com
Business directory, hotlines legislative guide articles helpful information and more Women’s Independent Press P.O. Box 9687 Pittsburgh, PA 15226

PA Health and Human Services Resource Guide for single copies call 1800-986-2229 or download copies at www.state.pa.us  wealthfare elders, mental health, health, housing, safety

Be Well! Healthcare Options for the Uninsured Resource Guide in Pittsburgh  www.bewellpgh.org



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