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Pittsburgh Indymedia

The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center is a voluntary collective dedicated to serving the local community with a system for disseminating print and online news. Our coverage will be the issues and events ignored by mainstream media, and also those issues that mainstream media covers with the inherent bias of a news organization run as a business. We believe that the job of disseminating information belongs to everyone. It is our duty as citizens to act as journalists so that the public knows the truth in every instance, not just when the truth is to our political and economic rulers’ advantage. We seek to be an inclusive organization which will grow as a community, and not as a hierarchy.

Pittsburgh Indymedia is always need of photographers, writers, TV producers website designers, techies, artists etc. Go to to get involved or call (412) 923-3000

Rustbelt Radio

Rustbelt Radio, a project of the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, is a collaboratively produced hour long weekly radio show dedicated to “news from the grassroots.” We are an all volunteer collective dedicated to serving the local community with a radio program that features their voices and highlights the work of community activists and groups working for positive change. We cover issues and events ignored, skewed, or misunderstood by corporate media outlets.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us produce the news. We need people to record protests, lectures, teach-ins, community forums, and other events in the Pittsburgh area; interview local activists and community leaders; and write newswire stories about social justice issues in Pittsburgh, the U.S. of A. and the world at large.

We will teach you how to conduct field recordings, mic and interviewing techniques, sound editing programs, technical production, grassroots radio reporting, wiki usage as well as various other related skills.

We hold monthly trainings at our office, on the third floor of the Thomas Merton Center For more info contact us at: (412) 923-3000 or Website

How to listen to Rustbelt Radio:

* Live every Monday from 6-7pm on WRCT 88.3FM in and around Pittsburgh, and again on Tuesday mornings at 9AM and by live webstream at
* rebroadcast on WPTS Pittsburgh 92.1FM on Wednesday mornings 10-11 AM from the University of Pittsburgh campus.
* show archives always available at
* High quality broadcast-quality archives available thanks to
* Rustbelt Radio Podcast available! MP3 feed address:
* ogg vorbis podcast feed:

Times on WPTS are subject to change- check in on our website every season to find the current schedule.
Rustbelt Television
Rustbelt TV is produced in collaboration with Pittsburgh Independt Media Center’s award-winning show Rustbelt Radio. The program features several segments from local indymedia producers, as well as some great segments from independent media producers worldwide. It airs on Cable Access PCTV21 and online at
To get involved, contact: or call 412-923-3000

PCTV 412 – 322 – 7570

Become a TV producer for the People on Public Access Television-
PCTV 21 serves the people of Pittsburgh by providing public access on an equal opportunity basis to city residents. We provide training, equipment, and production services to the community for cable access; and we actively advocate Public Access and YOUR First Amendment rights.
(additional contact info in the Television section)

Do you want to be a radio dj, producer or talk show host or newscaster???

WRCT 88.3FM Pittsburgh is the radio station of Carnegie Mellon University but it also functions as a community station with non-CMU peops composing about 50% of the dj’s producers etc.

As a DJ you get to broadcast your sweet tunes to folks in the Pittsburgh area and worldwide as it is webcast. You can have a weekly show and choose from WRCT’s amazing record library of 30,000 records and thousands of CD’s.
As a Producer you can do mixer, patchbay, phone patch and studio setup for live bands and talk/call-in/news shows.

So how do you do it?? You can go to and find all the info or just email and say you would like to train to be a dj or producer.

You can then get a copy of the WRCT Manual- read it over and then take a basic written test. Once you do that you can start training with a WRCT dj or producer and when you feel ready you can take you air test and if you pass you are a DJ or Producer!!!


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