Transportation – Biofuels

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Biofuels are plant based alternatives to petroleum fuels. There are three main types of biofuels: straight vegetable oil, biodiesel, and ethanol. Each of these biofuels are appropriate for different types of engines and drivers.

For more information check out Pittsburgh’s Own:

Fossil Free Fuels 223 Braddock Ave. Braddock, Pa 15104 Design and install the latest in two tank straight vegetable oil conversion kits. Fossil Free Fuel. You can install yourself if you want. They have parts and do manteince.

Catalyst 412-605-0819 223 Braddock Ave Braddock, PA 15104 Catalyst is a project that seeks to diversify the face of the alternative fuels community through providing low cost classes and workshops. Offers basic mechanic, biodiesel processing and conversion classes hosted at the Fossil Free Fuel garage. Catalyst is a key ingredient in making biodiesel and an agent of change.

SteelCityBiofuels 412.418.4594 (c)Nathaniel– education and consulting

Baum Boulevard Automotive stocks ASTM certified biodiesel and through a local biodiesel producer United Oil Company and Get-Go – you can now buy biodiesel at GetGo gas stations if you have a diesel vehicle. Just to be on the safe side if your rig was made before the 90’s double check to make sure your seals and gaskets don’t need to be replaces with a bio-deisel resistant material before fueling up.


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