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Bike Pittsburgh 412-726-5872–33 Terminal Way, South Side Pittsburgh’s cycling advocacy group. — local cycling resources, trail info, events, forums, news, routes, They have a way to connect with other commuters for bike-pooling to work.

Maphub and Bike Pittsburgh have combined forces to put out the new online pittsburgh bike map,

The new “Report a bicycle crash” is located at:

Critical Mass
A jubilant exuberant peddle pushin’ traffic cushion..a practical solution to acid rain and urban pain. Join bikers all across the world on the monthly international day of action for bikers rights. Meets the last Friday of every month at the dinosaur near the Carnegie library in Oakland. 5:30 pm
listserv can be joined by emailing:

Major Taylor Cycling Club A project of the Center for Minority Health. An African American Cycling Club. Major Taylor and bicycle use “represent the struggle to freedom from slavery and the challenge to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities.” They host frequent bike rides.

Kraynick’s Bike Shop 412-621-6160—5003 Penn Ave., Garfield
This is pretty much the only place to pay to get your bike fixed.
Kraynick is totally cool so support him. Cheap parts and free use of tools/workstands.Closed Sundays and Wednesdays.

Free Ride Recycle-a-Bike program. 412-731-4094
214 N. Lexington Ave., Point Breeze (inside Construction Junction). Learn how to fix your own bike. Earn-a-bike program for kids and adults, bike repair classes, cheap bikes and parts for sale or work- trade. Free use of tools/work stands.
Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 6-10 and Saturday 1-5.
2nd and 4th Wed., 6-10 for Women and Transgender folks only.

Bikes on Transit see: or schedules for complete info.
Bikes can be taken on the 11D, 21A, 26A, 26D, 54C, 59U, 71A, 77D,
77F, 77G, 500. The “T” allows bikes on during non-peak hours. Both Inclines allow bikes onboard. Some regional Transit Agencies allow bikes onboard, but not all.

Southwest Pennsylvania Commission
Sara Walfoort (412) 391-5590 ex 339


One Response to “Transportation – Bikes”

  1. erok Says:

    hey, the thing isn’t really in existence right now or have any bike info on it. we’ve combined forces to put out the new online pittsburgh bike map,

    if you want me to help keep this page updated, let me know and we can figure out how to do that.

    also, the new “Report a bicycle crash” is located at:

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