Hotlines/Crisis Lines

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PA Coalition Against Rape Hotline  1-866-End Rape

National Suicide Hotline 1800 273 8255

Crisis and Suicide 412-820 HELP(4357)

National AIDS Hotline – 1-800-342-AIDS

National STD Hotline – 1 800 227-8922

Reassurance for Seniors 412-820 0100

Counseling and Legal Advocacy for Survivors of Domestic Violence -412-687-8005 All genders welcome to call

Crisis center north/ domestic violence – 412-364-5556

Teen Hotline 412-361-8336

United Way Help Line – (Help figuring out where to turn) 412-255-1155

Emergency Food Assistance Hotline  412 681-1121

Allegheny Crisis Emergency Service (Behavorial Health Crisis Response) 1 888-424-2287 (mental health emergency)

Facts of Life Hotline 412-393-0925
Recorded messages about sexuality and health, 24/7 on rape, pregnancy, STD’s, HIV, parenting, etc…  A project of Planned Parenthood.

National Emergency Contraception Hotline (1-888-NOT-2-LATE)

Emergency Contraceptive Hotline 1-800-584-9911 (“You can prevent pregnancy after a rape or unprotected sex” Must be within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Only a health-care provider can prescribe these pills)

National Abortion Federation Hotline- 1-800-772-9100
Call for no-interest loans for abortions

Choice Hotline- 1-800-848-3367

Child Abuse (800) 927-6596 Hotline


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