Food/Housing – Free Compost

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Crafton Borough, (412)-921-1752  Ewing Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Compost – 200 yards3 per year Facility use and give away to residents

Edgewood Borough,  (412)-242-4824  Dixon Park, Aberdeen St, Edgewood, PA 15218 Availability: Giveaway and delivery

Forest Hills / Churchill Borough, Phone: (412)-351-7330
Pittsburgh, PA 15235  Availability: Giveaway

Greentree Borough  (412)-921-3221  Greentree Borough Park, Greentree, PA 15220  Availability: Residents are welcome to take compost at any time and notify the Borough office when supplies are low.

Robinson Township, (412)-788-8120        5001 Leona Ln, Pittsburgh, PA 15205  Availability: Giveaway to residents

Upper St Clair / Peters Township, Boyce Park, Upper St Clair, Pittsburgh, PA 15241  Phone: (412)-831-9000 Periodically given away when in excess

Wilkinsburg Borough, Hunter Field, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
Phone: (412)-244-2900 Availability: Giveaway to residents and facility use

AgRecycle (412) 242-7645 335 N Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh –
Offers compost and topsoil for gardening & farming. Not free.


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