Groups/People! – Privilege/Diversity/Anti-Racist Groups

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North Hills Anti-Racism Coalition 412-369-3961 NHARC is a North Hills community group formed to foster a spirit of appreciation and understanding for racial, religious and cultural diversity. Meets monthly; call for meeting schedule and more information.

YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Center for Race Relations and Anti-Racism Training 412-364-3844 or

The CRR collaborates with diverse individuals, communities and organizations to address the impact of social inequities. Offers anti-racism and diversity workshops to raise awareness on the individual level, create coalitions at the group level and organize systemic change initiatives at the institutional level.

Friends of All Colors Together – Pittsburgh 412 427-7053 National Association of Black and White Men Together We are committed to fostering respect, honesty, and communication among people of different races and cultural backgrounds. We are a gay, multi-racial, multi-cultural organization for all people. We welcome people of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

InterCultural House 412-596-4626

272 N. Dithridge St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213 where students explore race, culture and ideas in order to build respect for positive black-white relationships. (this seems like a cooperative-group housing situation with above goal. So you pay rent and live with other students who focus on racism. – I think. check the web.)

Race and Reconciliation Dialogue Group. 412-681-8528 Faith based group working on race issues at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland on 5th and Craig. Has film festivals and speakers available. Dorothy Miller (against the death penalty tool) can help you set up a screening of Race: The power of an Illusion

Rhymes World Diversity workshops or website black and white reunion

Pittsburgh Anti-Racist Action (ARA)

Local chapter focused on confronting racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia. Working with other social justice groups to accomplish the goal of a sustainable society based upon mutual aid and co-operation.

White Privilege & Anti-Racist Organizing discussion group

412-421-4586 A reading/discussion group by and for white folks to raise consciousness about racism, white privilege and the need for anti-racist action. You can also see a syllabus for a similar group at


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