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Thomas Merton Center –412-361-3022 — 5125 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Pittsburgh’s center for peace and social justice since 1972. The TMC acts as a resource and organizing center for over thirty different projects. They provide phone, web, meeting space, fiscal sponsorship to the grassroots. Great at helping projects get off the ground.

Anti-War Committee: 412-422-7435or 412 361-3022, organizes interfaith vigils, rallies, teach-ins, a speakers bureau, legislative action, media outreach, and other activities to promote peaceful solutions to world conflicts.

CodePink (women for peace): 412-389-3216,, Code Pink – is a local chapter of the national women for peace network that came out of the opposition to the war in Iraq.

Black Voices For Peace is: Black Voices for Peace is a national action network of people of African Heritage working for justice and peace in the United States and abroad. Founded by human rights, peace and environmental activist Damu Smith, BVFP was formed to organize a progressive Black community response to the horrific attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001

Middle East Peace Forum Paul Wahrhaftig:

Pittsburgh Vets Tour 412-334-0917 sponsored by the AWC and Iraq Veterans Against the War. The website is

Pittsburgh Organizing 5125 Penn Ave Pgh, PA 15224, POG is a progressive group concerned with peace, social and economic justice, and environmental issues locally, nationally, and internationally. Consensus based, non hierarchical, and support a diversity of tactics. Have a consistent counter recruitment campaign among other initiatives.

School of the Americas Watch of W. PA: 412-371-9722,, an annual bus trip from Pittsburgh to Fort Benning, Georgia in November for a non-violent protest and educates throughout the year about the role of the U.S. Army School of the Americas in training Latin American troops in techniques of torture, blackmail and counterinsurgency.

War-profiteering Education and Action Network – 412-401-2069 aims to research, expose and confront the powerful corporate interests behind the war machine. WEAN researchers the contracts and practices of local war profiteers, produces educational materials, organizes educational events and protests, and coordinates direct community outreach.

Raging Grannies: 412-486-5130,, Raging Grannies In the tradition of wise women elders, the mission of the Pittsburgh Raging Grannies is to promote global peace, justice, and social and economic equality by raising public awareness through the medium of song and humor. Our goal is to challenge our audiences to work to bring about the social changes that are required in order to end economic

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee 1 800 269 7464

The Global Solutions Pittsburgh 412-471-7852 239 Fourth Ave
Suite 1607 Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Activist Update is your source for news and views about global issues and how you can get involved right here in Pittsburgh. our staff is available to make presentations to local high school classes on several key international issues such as human rights and sustainable development. Offer lecture series and train educators on teaching social justice

Pittsburgh Bill of Rights Defense Campaign: 412-244-5410,, Organizing a grassroots response to defend civil liberties in America today. They succeeded in getting City Council to pass a resolution to resist the implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act..

Conscience: 412-231-1581,, Conscience – the mission of this project is to support any individual, who by an act of conscience, objects to personally participating in combat activities of our nation’s military forces.

Pittsburgh Anti-War Website


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