Event Organizing – Free and Cheap Meeting Places

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Free and Cheap Meeting Places

Universities – CMU, UPitt, Chatham, Duquesne, Point Park.  These are great for meetings because they usually are well-served by public transportation.  If you know someone affiliated with a university, ask them to reserve you a room. 
Thomas Merton Center 412-361-3022 5125 Penn Ave Pgh, PA 15224
Hill House Association 412-392-4400 –1835 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219 www.hillhouse.org
UCP Community Service Center 412) 697-7434
4638 Centre Avenue at the intersection of Neville & Centre
Facilities Coordinator UCP Pittsburgh 412-683-7100 X 2156 RRuppen@UCPPittsburgh.org–meeting rooms – video screenings
Bloomfield Garfield Corporation BGC Community Activity Center
412-441-6950—113 N Pacific Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15224
Rick Schwartz cheap or free.
Kingsley Center412)661-8751– 6435 Frankstown Ave, East Liberty
Gay & Lesbian Community Center Available for $1.00 per person and can seat from up to 10 people in the more informal room to 25 people in the largest room. To help newly forming groups get off the ground, the first two meetings are free. For larger functions, the whole facility can also be rented.  To check availability or to schedule a room, you must call during phoneline hours at 412-422-0114.  5808 Forward Ave. Squirrel Hill
Churches Many churches, especially Unitarian, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic, will let your social justice organization meet there for free or for a fair fee.   See Religion section and check out these:

1st Trnty Evnglcl Lutheran Church Parsonage 412) 683-4440 
535 N Neville St  Pittsburgh, PA
East Liberty Presbyterian Church 412/441-3800
116 S. Highland Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206
First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh   412-621-8008
605 Morewood Avenue shadyside
Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church 412-322-4261 416 West North
Friends Meeting House  412-683-2669 4836 Ellsworth Ave –north oakland

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops that are good for meeting if you can be flexible with your space needs.  (Please be conscious of how you are impacting the business and respect the other people using the space.)  All of these places have wireless.

Amani – 507 Foreland Street (North Side) 412-322-0647
Beehive –  1300 East Carson St. (South Side) 412-488-4483
Kiva Han – 3533 Forbes Avenue (Oakland) (412) 682 5354
Beleza Coffeehouse– 1501 Buena Vista St. (North Side) 412-321-4210
Quiet Storm – 5430 Penn Avenue (Friendship) 412-661-9355
Crazy Mocha – Lawrenceville – 687-1445  (there are many around)


Most of the libraries in Pittsburgh have space available for meetings. 
Call to see about reserving space: 412-622-6274 – Oakland Library
Off the top of my head: Auditorium at Carnegie Library Main Branch
Homewood has huge nice auditorium there is a fee I think.. Small group: Main Branch, Squirrel Hill Also for meetings of about 20 people Mt. Wash, South Side, E. Lib, Brookline

Allegheny Regional -412.237.1890 
Beechview – 412.563.2900
Brookline – 412.561.1003   
Carrick – 412.882.3897
Downtown 412.281.7141  
East Liberty – 412.363.8232
Hazelwood – 412.421.2517 
Hill District – 412.281.3753
Homewood – 412.731.3080 
Knoxville – 412.381.6543
Lawrenceville – 412.682.3668
Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped – 412.687.2440
Mt. Washington – 412.381.3380
Sheraden – 412.331.1135
South Side – 412.431.0505   
Squirrel Hill – 412.422.9650  
West End – 412.921.1717  
Woods Run – 412.761.3730


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